airtel 4g lteAirtel has announced the 4G Long Term Evolution LTE services in India and the first place to get it is Kolkata, where the 4G services are being rolled out. They would be planning to bring the same to other cities very soon, but Kolkata would be the only city right now to enjoy the 4G speeds. The next city which would be getting the 4G LTE service would be Bangalore.

Get speeds up to 100mbps while downloading, and 40mbps while uploading. Break free of buffering and waiting, and manifest your will online instantly and seamlessly. The internet will never be the same again.

Here is the Airtel 4G LTE tariff:

plan name rentals (per month-INR) free quota (GB) speed post FUP (kbps)
breakfree 999 6 128
breakfree max 1399 9 128
breakfree ultra 1999 18 128

Here are the modems available for the 4G LTE connectivity through the Airtel 4G LTE service – Click here

Model no. E392

  • Multi-mode data download capability
  • LTE network only with USIM.
  • A USIM card slot to insert a USIM in the device
  • A USB 2.0 connector to connect the airtel 4G LTE USB Modem to the laptop/PC.
  • A Micro SD Card Slot to use the airtel 4G LTE USB Modem as a memory stick.
  • An self-installing Connection Manager in the airtel 4G LTE USB Modem.
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