Every day we make various expenses and often forget to keep track of most of them. Some expense may seem small, but sometimes create big impact on your budget unknowingly. Therefore, it becomes important to keep track of the expenses you make in your daily lives. It could be annoying to track down those expenses on a piece of paper or make a note of it every time on your phone. Things can be simple if you have an iPad as it comes with several useful Receipt Tracking Apps. You can store data and retrieve anytime with just a few swipes and taps.

Check out a few free iPad receipt Tracking Apps below:

Best-iPad-Recipt-Tracking Apps 2

This app comes with integrated OCR and technologies to process image, which helps in sorting the images on the device. You will not lose data as the app store automatic backup to the Dropbox. You can download it for free and save ten receipts and then upgrade for unlimited saving option.

Digital Receipts

Your iPad can collect receipts in not just one, but two ways. If you are buying anything at a store, then its touch and go technology scans the QR Code and takes pictures. Or, you can use the camera of your iPad for simply scanning the receipt.

Best-Number-Games-iPhone-and-iPadReceipts Magic Pro

Simple Receipt

It is very easy to scan and take pictures on receipts with this app as it uses a simple interface. You have the option to create folders of different categories and it will store the receipts accordingly on the relevant folders. Data will remain safe because of its iCloud support compatibility. In fact, it is very easy to send reports of expenses through email and the app will upload every receipt in the PDF format.

Receipts Plus

With this app, you can input professional and personal receipts and maintain record of expenditure on your iPad. You can even make categories, sub categories and implement payment mode. You are also able to include protection feature for your receipts with pass code, and edit or remove the older or unused images.

Receipts by Wave

When you click the images and confirm the details, this app uploads the receipts and synchronize in the Wave account. You may not manually fill the details and opt for the OCR option. You can further divide the receipts into different categories so that you can keep track on where you have spent money.

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