Gmail labs is one of the sections where you get the best enhancements for the gmail account and mail interface. The default mail box is simple but Gmail actually is very popular, when you know how to use it and customize the things. There are many gmail labs features but here are the best 5 that would work the best to enhance the user experience –

Message Sneak Peek – A simple but useful feature that brings in the sneak peek, where you just need to hover over the mouse on the mail list and the tiny previews of the mails open. This comes handy when you still want to keep the mail unread for later, and just want to see what possibly the mail is related to.

sneakpeek gmail labs

Undo sending – There are a few times when you accidentally send the mail before even completing it, and the person who was expecting this mail, would have expected something else. For those situations, this Undo feature is a great one, where the mail is on hold for a few seconds, within which you can Undo the sending and edit the mail again before sending it. This lasts for just a few seconds though. There is one more feature called Mail Goggles which I use, that asks a few mathematical sums before a mail sending is confirmed.

gmail labs undo send

Keyboard shortcuts – You won’t always want to have your fingers on the mouse or the trackpad to go click the things which you want. There are keyboard shortcuts that can help with the same. I use my keyboard for most of the functions in the laptop, so doing the same for functions in gmail won’t be anything different.

custom keyboard shortcuts gmail

Gmail video chat enhancements – This gmail labs features gives you a list of good new features for the video chat in gmail, where you can make the video bigger and do a few other changes.

video chat gmail labs

Insert images into mail – Not always the plain text email help in communicating, but there is need of images that could explain things better. There is an option to add attachments to the mail, but inserting images would make them open in the mail itself. The drag and drop feature is always there, but this is a good addition to the mail compose box.

insert images gmail labs

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