The Aircel 3G service comes with the unlimited browsing and even though a user would reach the limit of download on the 3G network, they would be able to use the same network but with a lesser speed and this still would be unlimited. We listed out how the Aircel 3G unlimited service has got the advantages for the users, but below we clear all the doubts about the Aircel 3G service, as given officially the network provider.

Aircel 3G unlimited

Here are a few questions generally asked by users:

Is High Speed Data limit = Free Data limit?

The high speed data limit is for the speeds of actual 3G, i.e. at 3.6 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps where the user can use the internet at that speed until the mentioned cap limit is reached, and unlike the other companies here the connection is not cut off once the limit is reached, and you would get to use the Internet network but downloading at the speeds of 128 Kbps. When the browsing limit is reached at 3G speeds, the browsing at 128 Kbps is unlimited until the validity expiry is reached.

2 – What exactly does the Data transfer on 3G and 2G network in Validity mean?

For example, when you are subscribed to 399 plan and have used the 2GB data within just a week when the actual validity time is 30 days, you would be able to browse the Internet with no limit for the next 23 days. i.e. when you have used the limit in 3G speed, you would be able to browse on the 2G network unlimited.

3 – What’s the cost per kb of the post FUP data usage at 128kbps?

Once the FUP is reached, you won’t be charged at all and the 128kbps browsing would be entirely free till the validity exists for the pack. You are charged only when you subscribe to any pack, and later you don’t need to pay and the shifting within the networks is done automatically.

4 – If someone moves from one 3G circle to another 3G circle, will he get 3G speed on roaming?

Yes the 3G speed would be available, only if the user gets into another circle where the 3G network is present. Roaming won’t be charged separately.

5 – Will he get 3G speed on roaming over Tata Docomo 3G network ?

3G services and roaming are offered with in Aircel’s 13-3G circles. User will not latch on Tata 3G N/W.”

6 – How to check 3G balance, as it is limited?

You need to dial *122*3000# to know the 3G balance, and once this is finished you won’t be needing to check it as the 2G data is unlimited.

7 – How to activate the plans via SMS/USSD?

For pack activation they have direct activation codes. Like for 8 it is *122*8#

Got any other question? Just post it in comments and we would confirm things with Aircel directly before getting back to you.

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