The developer of the famous Flappy bird free mobile game readily available at the Apple Inc App Store together with the Google Inc’s Android Play store, decided to take the game down a couple of days back on a Sunday midnight. Before taking on this move, he had taken a step of informing the public 22 hours earlier. Unfortunately, the users cannot take advantage of the game since it is not available for download in both Apple store and Google slots.


This does not restrict all sets of Users for it can operate in case you had already downloaded the game to your device hence can still perform. Nguyen Ha Dong, who’s a Hanoi-based game developer, announced the removal of this addictive game through a tweet at 1900 GMT on Saturday and apologized to the Flappy Bird players.

Along with all his statements, something was pretty clear concerning grounding the game, ‘it is not anything related to legal issues’. This shocked many and asked for the reason of its removal and this stress was too much to handle, hence ‘I cannot take this anymore’ in his writing. By Monday morning, his tweet had fetched more than 136,000 retweets as of 0430 showing that Flappy Bird had caused a sensation after rising from obscurity to turning into one of the most downloaded mobile games on the online store for both Apple and Google users.


In the process of playing, users must steer a bird in between green pipes and on current research findings, the Android version of the game has downloads up to 50 000 000 times attracting half a million reviews. The public has been stressing to know through tweets the reason for its removal yet a day earlier, Dong had talked about developing it for Microsoft windows handsets.

He was hardly reachable for the answers since he had turned his phone off shortly after canceling an interview with Reuters on Thursday and did not finalize arrangements on Friday. The Flappy Bird was made by Dong himself, but the painful part is that it stayed for a few nights to its grounding, unlike to others like Rivio Entertainment in charge of producing the well known Angry Birds game that had a huge following to date.

Dong said in an interview that the game was inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Bros had been earning him an average of $ 50,000 per day from advertising. His two friends said that Nintendo had sent a warning letter to him, but the Japanese game maker said the letter had nothing to do with a lawsuit. A rumor to Reuters on Friday from the Nintendo’s media representative is that a gaming manager said that the Dong decision to end the game wisely. According to Duy Doan, a senior manager of VCT online which is among the leading game companies, taking the step back was to avoid legal risks since it is too difficult to deal with legal issues if they arise.


Sometime before the removal of the game, Dong had put it clear that he had decided not to sell the game to any interested investors. More still, the game had made him more money, which was enough to fund the development of this kind of mini game.

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