Cleaning up and sustaining your Android handsets is the most important thing you must do occasionally. Even though you have few numbers of files or apps, your Android gadget will reduce speed eventually. It is a pain. Isn’t it? Below are the top five apps that will assist you to sustain your android gadgets, it could be a Smartphone or tablet.

Startup Manager


Startup manager assists you stop unwanted system startup entries after your tablet or phone boots. It checks and displays the list of startup apps and resources. To stop an app from system startup, uncheck the app from the list. You can as well re-allow the resources or apps using this startup manager’s system start up entries list. You can uncheck all startup entries wholesale to improve system startup speed. If you would like only allow a particular app, just allow it in the startup entries.

Clean Master


Clean Master is an all-in-one Android app that has cleaning, maintenance tools, and optimizing tools in a single point. Clean master is the one of the top cleaning and maintenance tool for Android. It will assist you to clean the app cache, residual files, unused files, uninstalling apps and search history. Compared to other apps in this group, it has additional tools in one environment and is user-friendly.

Android Booster


Android Booster is your Android aide to clean and preserve your tablet or Smartphone. It will optimize your gadget in the best achievable way in order that mechanically your system performance will increase. Millions have downloaded this app up to now, and currently it is accessible free in Play store.

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced-task-manager (1)

Advanced Task Manager can record all the running tasks, and you can choose several to kill. It is as well a task organization tool to handle all the installed apps. This app can kill tasks; speed up your phone, free memory, save battery.  This app mechanically kills the tasks each time your screen goes off. Additionally, it has a quick uninstaller and battery manager.

App cache Cleaner


App Cache cleaner is a useful tool, that will clear out the application cache for all your applications. This app has a one-tab cleanup element that cleans all cached files giving you more space. This tool can open lots of storage memory for your cell phone. If you do not have application storage, you can get more storage space through clearing cache/data files.

This app will assist you to fix and prevent low memory cautions.

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