With such an extensive range of alternatives accessible, loading up your iPhone with the finest and most important free apps can be a method of trial and error, whether you are novel to the App Store environment or a longtime consumer. We are here to assist. Whereas a few of these picks may seem palpable to a tough iOS fan, others are lesser-recognized and smarter tweaks on unbelievably helpful ideas. Greatest of all, everything on this listing is completely free to check out and download; hence there is no damage in attempting a new app and finding out whether it is for you.


The world’s largest social network brings a firmly polished experience to the iPod and iPhone touch, however nonetheless still allow you to access your feeds, contacts and other vital information. This sense of spotlight makes it in numerous ways better to making use of Facebook in a desktop browser.



There was a little double-take on noticing Microsoft’s name appended to this, not least presented the lack of an asking price. However PhotoSynth is a truly great panorama app; it is easy to use and fun to make use of, particularly when observing your landscapes take shape as you capture them. (The iOS Camera app as well has a landscape mode; however PhotoSynth’s is more flexible and functions with older gadgets.)



The hope of Nike+ however improved and for free may sound implausible; however that is what RunKeeper offers. Formerly divided into ‘pro’ and ‘free’ editions, the developer currently kindly incorporates all the attributes in one free app.

That indicates you can spend no cash, yet make use of your iPhone’s GPS abilities to trail your cycling and jogging routes, and check mapping and information of your speed and calories burned. Activities can be public online, and treadmill jogs and other work out information can be keyed in by hand.


LinkedIn Pulse

RSS has repute for being a fairly dry technology, supplying you uninteresting lists of banners. Pulse flicks RSS on its head, presenting streams of feeds that capture your eye with snaps. It is maybe not for the tough RSS crowd, however if you track a small number of feeds, it is an excellent option.


National Rail Enquiries

For anybody travelling by train, National Rail Enquiries is a useful app to have put in. There is trip planning, schedules and a place-aware ‘next train home’ alternative, together with progress tracking, hence you can make out when a train is expected to turn up.



FaceTime is an excellent choice to normal voice calls; however it is no good if you are attempting to get in touch with somebody devoid of a Mac or well-matched iOS gadget. For that reason, Skype remains an important download. The interface is uncomplicated and functional, enabling anybody with Skype to make free calls to other Skype clients and low-priced calls anywhere in the planet. If you are on Pay and Go, this is mostly helpful; however the app as well allows iPod touch users to make use of their gadgets for calls.


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