As each day passes, Smartphones are getting more powerful since they are parked with faster processors, sharp cameras, and bigger screen resolutions among others. This is a good step towards the future, but without the right security apps put in place to guarantee the protection of information and other apps, you might as well be having a hunk of plastic in your pocket. It should not worry you since we have a few apps that can grant the same which include the following;

The Norton security antivirus


The free app has the potential to protect your Android 4.4 kitkat and it’s also effective to tablets from theft, loss or malware aside antivirus. It puts to check both installed and uploaded new apps to enhance safety of your documents. Its feature include; using SMS text to easily remote locking your lost or stolen device, scan and remove apps with updates that can cause harm or reduce the performance of the device. If you want a more upgraded option, it is still available, but you have to part with some cash.

The Privacy Master


It is a free lookout Security and antivirus app that protects you android against antivirus attack, malware, loss or even theft. Although it is free, some users enjoy the chance to upgrade to Lookout Premium and it’s advisable to try the free two week trial before going fully into it. According to the recent survey, it is claimed to be the most download mobile security and antivirus app in place in the Google Play Store. The android privacy app can be installed to enhance not only privacy to apps, but also safeguard data like SMS, Contacts, Photos and video games.

The Smart Applock


AppProtector- It is commonly known by the Smartphone users since it guarantees protection for the Android devices. Aside being free, you get to enjoy much with it like enabling locking SMS, Mail, Photos, Contacts and more others. It is the best option in case you allow others to use your phone from time to time hence making sure they don’t go beyond the borders like reading messages or access other intimate information. For this reason, you can set a list of protection apps with lock patterns and passwords.

The App Lock


The free app is one of the simplest privacy app you can ever find since it gives plenty of options to protect privacy making hard for friends, workmates or kids to run checking your phone. This will protect your information including when you are far from the phone and the limits can stretch from locking SMS, settings, Calls to Facebook, gallery, Market, Gmail among other Apps you desire.

The Clueful Privacy advisor


It is an app well known for Bitdefender and can demonstrate how easy an installed app can gather personal information including the potential to be abused. Having it in your Smartphone is almost like having a privacy consultant who can inform you of what an app can be doing at the background. This will shock you since you’ll get to know how an App can learn a lot about you.

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