Most people choose to use Ubuntu and Linux since both are rarely attacked by viruses, this is resulted by the fact Microsoft and Apple companies have taken the greatest market share of the computing world. To be in the safest ground, it is advisable to park your system with some sort of antivirus and with several popular antiviruses in the market, the following list gives you the options confirmed compatible with Obuntu.

Clam Av

It has stood the test of time as a true antivirus answer for multiple Ubuntu, KUbuntu and Mint users. The open source free antivirus is designed to detect viruses, Trojans, Malware among other malicious threats. Aside being the de facto standard for mail gateway scanning, Clam antivirus provides the users with top notch performance on scanning; multi-threaded scanning daemon, commanding line utilities and an intelligent automated tool for signature updates. Its library is parked with numerous file format detection mechanisms; archive support, unlocking support and a couple of signature languages for detecting possible threats.



Aside recording an extremely large user base for a couple of reasons, it has grants as a standard antivirus with pretty results. Research shows that it currently covers over 20 million users on both Microsoft and Linux platforms which is impressive hence my two years experience using it makes me comfortably recommend it. It protects your exposed systems from all viral infection while working and on matters of installation; you will find it’s easy, simple from the first step you run the directed command.



This another option not easily by passed and in my genuine opinion, it is the greatest antivirus platform available hence mentioned in users list of favorites. Manufactures have also considered significant enhancements for paid offering, a whole security based offering suit accompanying the strict antivirus. Avast is well known for its best performance; scanning, high detection methods and above all, its user friendly. Currently the antivirus companies are developing a game of music chairs for the leading antivirus market which tends to transform the annual basis as the attack mechanisms adopt and evolve.



It is readily available in the immediate distribution stores and it relatively popular particularly to both Ubuntu and Debian users. To surprise you, it’s absolutely free for personal use, but as for commercial consideration, they set you with a reasonable annual maintenance fee. It has excellent scanning potentials and features with an admirable speed that will suit your needs.


F-Prot Anti-virus

It’s not widely known, hence, not fully featured in most lists of best anti-viruses around, but it has guarantee satisfaction t. It tames users with it the first encounter due to its excellent job in protecting your PC’s from viral infections, which results to creating a loyal following. Most companies use it for many reasons aside including it in their public facing servers and reports turn positive the entire period. However, it turns tricky for new users since they are forced to download the regular tar.gz and create the installer. But it is easy for all since you can use Google or parked with resourceful information like the guiding list provided by the manufacturers to help you through.


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