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Getting a head of the competition, the finest methods and techniques are required for getting ranked well in search engine pages. For ranking a webpage well in the search engines for a chosen keyword, applying the consistent and methodical methods can prove to be very helpful.

When blog posts are being published, following the basic on page SEO methods is a must.

  • The title of the blog post should always contain the keyword. The keywords should be present in the first few words when following these useful SEO methods to secure a high rank.
  • The first sentence of the description should also contain the keyword as well.
  • The URL must also contain the keyword, possibly as the permalink.
  • The last sentence should also contain the keyword.
  • The main niche of the blog post should be the category of the post and the sub niche will be the actual keyword that is being used.

Bloggers can put their blog 70% ahead of their competition with the inclusion of all of these five on page SEO methods.

Simply due to the fact that a lot of authors fail to include such basic SEO techniques into their blog pages prevents their blog from getting a much higher rank.

On the other hand, an exception to this rule can be noticed when high page ranking sites are viewed, which are not really SEO optimized but are still ranked well. The reason behind this is that they are seen as high authority sites by Google and based on their past efforts, they are automatically ranked well. Until then, when aiming for a higher page rank, following these simple rules becomes necessary.

To ensure a higher ranking in search engines, following certain off page SEO methods is important as well. It is a must to have the following plug-ins on a WordPress blog to secure a higher ranking.

1. All-In-One-SEO
For search engine optimization, this is vital plug-in since the title, description and keyword tag for the post are asked by it. The optimization can be done for every post other than the general settings of SEO for all the pages together.

2. Digg Digg
Bookmarking and sharing content with others becomes much simpler for the readers when this plug-in is being used. It makes the addition of a row of social media icons from popular social media sites at the top of the blog post.

3. Xml Site map
This plug-in helps assists search engines to crawl a website more intelligently while keeping the results updated.

With the use of WordPress plug-ins such as these, a blog can ideally be set up to be successful both with search engines and syndication from those visiting the site.

All those bloggers who want their blog to be ranked well in search engine pages, the implementation of on page and off page SEO methods is critical. A high search engine ranking can be ensured for a blog if the methods mentioned here are consistently implemented. Finally, back-links and content syndication are the final requirements when following the best methods of this year to increase the rank of a blog.

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