Want to capture video footage directly from your screen? While you may have toyed with the idea of using screen capture to record your Skype calls, save online video streams, or create video guides and tutorials – the one thing that is probably standing in your way is how difficult it seems.

Although most screen capture software has a bad reputation for being obtuse – Movavi Screen Capture is different. With it you’ll find that starting to record screen really doesn’t have to be complicated and is as simple as ‘point and click’ – really.

In most cases the only thing that you have to do to start recording videos using Movavi Screen Capture is set the capture frame. That can be done by resizing a window, or selecting th

Movavi Screen Capture 7

Movavi Screen Capture 7

e desired frame size in the dropdown menu that is provided. Once you’ve done that you can start recording with a click of a button.

Assuming you’d like a bit more influence over the video footage that you record, you can also set the frame rate and select the audio source. All that also just takes a few clicks, as does setting Movavi Screen Capture to show keys that are pressed on screen, highlight the mouse cursor, and utilize a custom ‘click’ sound.

With all these options it should be a piece of cake to capture videos that suit your specifications precisely. When you’re done you can make use of the presets that are built in to Movavi Screen Capture to automatically use the best possible video format and settings for the device or platform you intend to use. It is worth noting that the presets include support for mobile devices along with online video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo

As you should be starting to gather, Movavi Screen Capture is hands down the easiest way to capture videos directly from your screen. It will supply you with all the tools that you need, while also taking pains to make certain that you don’t have to jump through any hoops to use them.

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