The Airtel signature tunes have always been one of the fantastic jobs by A.R. Rahman, the music maestro. Lately, Airtel had made a few changes like their logo was changed to a not-so-good-looking one, and the signature tune was also changed. The tune has got an international and better feel to it, than the previous traditional one. A few wordings in the tune are in African language, and they still seem interesting!

The logo that we now see is a curvy “A”, that seems to be ripped off the new Videocon logo that is the turn-around version of V.

airtel new logo

Here is the video of the new Signature tune of Airtel –

Download the Signature tune of Airtel –

Short 30-second ringtone – Download Here
Full tune – Download Here

Here is the lyrics of the tune, African words –

Umm thaè
umbèy umbèy
ethìzeye pare aaley
ekìratì sarì yo
khìmayo aarìngo
serezinayaki nie se lovìshi mer tugamalès say eerìkat
aame rosho may ohzo hey yo hey yo hey yo
sapin chi cho coco hey yo hey yo hey yo
ekirati sari yo
khimayo aaringo
itizì ae paare aa le
serezinayaki nie se lovìshi mer tugamalès say eerìkat

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