Firefox has been releasing the newer versions of its browser and now after the several previous versions, the Firefox 8 too would be coming out soon, and prior to that, the Beta version of the Firefox 8 is available for the users to download and check the new features and changes made in the browser.

firefox 8 beta

A few noticeable changes in the Firefox 8 beta are –

  • The sizemodechange events are recorded whenever you switch between the different sizes of windows and the changes in the full screen and restored mode of firefox window too is recorded.
  • With the Firefox 8, you can select on which add-on parties and locations can be allowed for the automatic installation of the add-ons, and which have to be blocked from installing the add-ons.
  • Added a one-time add-on selection dialog to manage previously installed add-ons.
  • Improved performance and memory handling

Here are the download links for the Firefox 8 Beta for the various operating systems –

  • Download Firefox 8 Beta for Windows – Click here
  • Download Firefox 8 Beta for Mac OS – Click here
  • Download Firefox 8 Beta for Linux OS – Click here

In the beta versions, the developers are expected to make the apps compatible for the newer version of the browser, and not just that but the users can also report any bugs and problems they are facing while using the beta version, so that those bugs are fixed before the final version of the browser is made available for the public.

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