So you bought a new BlackBerry Q10 and got it all setup and set to make your life easier. Everybody knows a BlackBerry is the ideal business companion, however why must it all be about work and no excitement? Here is a list of must try out games for BlackBerry 10. Top of all is, they are all at no cost!

Run In Crowd


“Run in Crowd” is a game where you contest along other players in a new planet every day. Hit to jump and double-jump. The longer you tap, the higher your runner jumps. Evade barriers and strive to run longer distances than others. It features multiplayer games hence you can run with other players.



Tear through your opponents with lasers, electrocute them or cook them with microwaves. Set up your personal robots to battle for you or pilfer them from your opponent. Guard and improve your forces or toss them away in a cruel wave of damage.

Radiant Defense


Radiant Defense is a tower security game set in an exciting universe attacked by numerous alien hordes. Construct your space stronghold any way you desire, set up a wide array of traps and weapons and let the attacks start!

Sector Strike


A revolutionary shoot ‘em up intended to challenge your impulses and wits. Sector Strike merges the mechanics of traditional shooters and the visuals of contemporary 3D games. Fight through persistent waves of AI drones in an operation that will take you through 4 exceptional environments. Get credits and advance your ship with innovative weapons, gear, and abilities.

Jetpack Joyride


Join Barry while he breaks into an undisclosed laboratory to hijack the untried jetpacks from the gripes of science evildoers. Following lift-off, just touch the monitor to go up and let go to descend, raining bullets, bubbles, lasers and rainbows downwards while you fly towards top and top scores!

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