Finding IT Jobs in the current employment scenario in the world is not that easy, unless you were patient enough to stand in the lines, or were intelligent enough to search for them at the right places, sitting at home! For the people who we call intelligent, one of the perfect resources for them to search IT jobs online, without any big hassle of registering, getting approved etc. is

GlobalITJobs Website is a pretty neat and helpful portal, that would do the job of helping both the parties – the employer and the employee. The IT company or a tech start-up would find this as one of the most appropriate places for posting job listings and get the best employees in the easiest way, rather than starting off and struggling with the large paid job portals where there is no real guarantee of always getting a talent, but yet being charged for getting an employee through them.

Free job listings for registering: Upon registering, the company gets to post up to 10 free job listings, and yes, each of them has to be used wisely, unless you are totally happy to pay around $10 per extra job listing which is a very reasonable price when you have finished off all the 10 free ones.

Includes all the categories in the IT sector: The IT sector comprises of several categories, and this even includes the very basic ones like technical writing etc., and the bigger ones like Web designing, SEO/SEM, Web Development, Management etc., thus making this a single portal providing almost everything an IT professional could try getting into.

Setup Company Profile Page: Just like most of the job portals provide, there’s an option to make and publish the profile page of the IT company, to attract the right professionals towards them. One can write the entire history and base of the company, upload the logo and even let the job searchers know what all incentives and perks does the company give. The company can list all its social media profiles in one place, and to make it easy for the applicants, the same company page shows the different jobs posted by it.

The job listing can be put in categories, such as Full Time, Contract and Freelance jobs and one can easily search and filter from the various jobs available, if they wanted to work as a freelancer, or on a contract basis or as a full-time in-house employee with the company.

Job listing creation globalitjobs

Easiest way for Applying for a job: Once the job listing is checked and looks good the your profile, the job applicant just need to enter the basic details and upload their CV/Resume in the same form, and it’s done. You don’t have to send emails or go to the company directly for any interviews etc. It’s just simple.

Apply Job GlobalITJobs

The larger and generalized job sites like Naukri, Monster, Times Jobs would list several jobs as the same place, and sometimes it’s too unorganized when a Hospital’s website creation job gets included in the healthcare category rather than in the IT one, so the would be a better option with a single niche totally covered. It’s very easy to use, navigate and register.

Initial trial is totally free, and it remains free for all the first 10 job listings, and a point to understand here is that when you are going more than 10 in number for listing the jobs, you are surely getting something back from the website, so paying the least of $10 per listing after that would be the best price!

Check out for what all we are praising about.

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