Google has made it achievable to access your Mac or Windows PC on your Smartphone. Achieving this needs two things: the Chrome browser and an Android Smartphone.

Want to attempt Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop yourself? Great! Here is a how-to guide that will guide you through the procedure of setting up a PC, for use with the Chrome Remote Desktop application for Android.

Prime your Mac or Windows PC

The initial step is to prime your Mac or Windows PC for remote access using the Chrome Web app store. The procedure necessitates you set up a six-digit pin number that will consent to a remote bond between your computer and Smartphone.

Chrome sharing

Download the chrome remote desktop app

The next thing is to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from your Android phone. Consent to the bond through keying in your PIN and your desktop will be shown on your Smartphone.

Once these steps are adhered to, it is achievable to access your desktop distantly, or even allow somebody else to do so through sharing a code — an ingenious method to have a family member troubleshoot your PC while they are on the move.

The Google app was accessible on the Play store for six hours at the time of writing this guide, and in that period, it earned a 4.5 star rating with positive commentary. In addition, that does not actually come as a shock – Google’s software is useful, reliable, and moderately uncomplicated to set up.



Things you ought to know

In this form, your Smartphone touch screen will be in command of the PC’s cursor. This implies it will function as the PC’s track pad.

Click in a wording field and the Smartphone’s native keyboard will come up. It is an uncomplicated method to make tiny edits while you are on the move.

The PC needs to be on for a remote bond to be launched. Starting a remote desktop can be achieved from the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Android Smartphone, or from the Chrome app drawer on your PC.


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