iPhones or iPads are widely known for their unique features. As we all know, iPhone or iPad users need to purchase music through iTunes. There is no other way from where you can download music for your Apple device. However, your all downloaded music files will be shown on iPhone’s music app. The users have no problem with it, because they want their Apple device to behave in such a way.

How to, Delete/Hide Purchased Music, hide purchase history iPhone and iPad ,iphone, ipad, apple store hide purchase

However, some people want to keep their downloaded files as either deleted or hidden from public view. They may have some reason for such requirement. However, there was constant demand to make some changes to counter this issue. Apple has introduced a solution for this issue in their devices, and we are here showing you how you can make the difference by deleting or hiding your purchased music files.

Turn off “Show All

Step# 1- Enter the home screen of your device

Step# 2- Go to Settings

Step# 3- Scroll downward and select iTunes and App store

Step# 4- Under the bar of Show All, turn off the switch for Music

Step# 5- You will get the iTunes Match option there, turn that off.

Through this procedure, you will be able to remove all the songs or tracks from the list, but if songs have already been downloaded in your phone, it will not remove those tracks.

How to, Delete/Hide Purchased Music, hide purchase history iPhone and iPad ,iphone, ipad, apple store hide purchase

Now, delete or hide purchases from iTunes

This method is going to be tricky and a bit lengthy. However, to practice this method, please make sure that you have a reliable backup for your all data that you are going to hide or delete. By following a few simple steps, you can execute this task by yourself.

Step# 1- Go to Settings

Step# 2- Scroll downward and select General

Step# 3- Tap on Usage

Step# 4- Get the option Music and tap on it

Step# 5- You will find a bar, saying All Music

Step# 6- Swipe to the left and get the delete option, tap on the button and get free from all your downloaded files

Generate Backup of Music Files

This is how you can make the process done, and after executing the procedure you will not able to see those deleted files in your Apple device anymore. It is always advised to all users to make sure that you have some dependable data backup options, such as your desktop or any hard drive server, so that you can retrieve all your deleted data.

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