It has surfaced that the HTC One M8 has a high performance mode which users can access through a concealed menu of developer alternatives. Hence, this is a guide on how to enable both the high performance mode and developer options.

Whether or not you are concerned about the high performance mode enhancing standard results, HTC has made it accessible to users. Nevertheless, it is not clear how to access this attribute in any way. Fortunately, we know hence here is how to achieve it.

The high performance mode, amongst others, is found in the developer options part of the settings list of options however you will need to enable this first. The high performance mode maximizes CPU performance and will, sequentially, have an effect on battery so just make use of it when you in fact need to or if you are just trying out.

How to enable HTC One M8 High Performance Mode and developer options

Step One: Open the settings menu


Open the settings menu of the HTC One M8 (effortlessly opened through the drop down notification bar) and select ‘About’ at the bottom.

Step Two: Click Software Information


In the About menu, select ‘Software information’.

Step Three: Select More


Now hit ‘More’ where it states ‘Baseband, Kernel version, etc.’

Step Four: Select Build number


Select the ‘Build number’ part six times consecutively. You ought to get a message which states ‘You are now a developer!’

Step Five: Go back to the setting menu


Go back to the settings menu and you will notice a new part above ‘About’ called ‘Developer Options’. Open this settings list of options.



In the Developer Options menu, you will notice the High Performance Mode hence mark the box to switch it on. This is as well where you can turn USB debugging on and more.

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