Here is where you learn how to get high-quality bass and improve the sound on your Android tablet or Smartphone.

If you are looking to discover how to get high-quality bass on your Android gadget, or basically enhance the general sound and audio performance of your Android tablet or Smartphone, in that case you have come to the right place.

The initial thing you ought to know – and perhaps by now do – is that there is no miraculous piece of software that can boost the power of your Android’s audio output; it basically is what it is. Nevertheless if you have an excellent pair of headphones and would like to boost the bass and general sound performance of your Android tablet or Smartphone, here is a technique you ought to try.

How to get good quality bass and improve the sound on Android: Step one

Visit the Google Play store and look for the app Music Volume EQ, download it (It is just 2.1MB) and install it.


How to get good quality bass and improve the sound on Android: Step two


Given that you have downloaded the Music Volume EQ, you desire to begin playing a song in the background of your Android piece of equipment and after that start the Music Volume EQ app.

The app will show like a floating widget, do not fear, it is a little bizarre to look at however it works well. The initial thing you will notice is a huge onscreen volume control and a basic audio visualizer, in the middle of these two is an EQ button, which is where the party begins. Press it.

How to get good quality bass and improve the sound on Android: Step three


Now you will cover all the controls you require to season your Android gadget’s audio levels to your liking. The bass booster button is situated at the bottom left of the widget.

You ought to as well have a play with the presets in the drop down menu since this can be a fast and simple method to set your equalizer to the particular type of music you are listening to.


Note: To shut the app – and not have it running in the background – press and hold the power button positioned in the top right of the widget/app.

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