It is simple to get lost in the data functions accessible on the Samsung Galaxy S4; however a cell phone is still a cell phone.



Contacts are extremely similar to earlier phones on the Samsung Galaxy S4; however this is no awful thing. Laid out in a simple to read layout and handy ways of linking the right people together, this is a completely passable method of seeking the people that matter to you.

The key thing that people like is the capability to smart dial. This implies that once you release the number pad you can key in the name like you would have done on prognostic text all those years back – so 3-2-3 would be the control to bring up ‘Dad’, for example.


It is a slick method of getting around the contact register. It is barely new – a good number of phones pack it as an alternative currently, it saves you time monkeying around in the major contacts list.



Calling on the Samsung Galaxy S4 carries on from its precursor – specifically in being outstanding. It has got a somewhat narrow earpiece array, which suggests that you need to be cautious where you place it with regard to your ear, however that is a really small quibble since the general effect is remarkable and works fine due to some intelligent volume management.

The S4 has noise decrease incorporated, and a lot of people have commented how clear the sound is over the airwaves. The S4 supports HD voice also, which is carried over the 3G/4G networks (dependent on your provider) hence you will at all times get the finest clarity on offer.


In summary, this phone works well regardless of where you are. Dropped calls ought to be a thing of the past on all phones; however that is not at all times the case; nevertheless, with high end receivers there is no reason to assume it should occur and the power of the S4 to hold on to signal is remarkable.

There are several extra whistles and bells to play with, which offer changeable success. You can set something called ‘Adapt Sound’ which requests you to call in a pair of earphones and listen to different sounds at diverse frequencies, therefore adapting the production to your ears.

You can as well decide to have ‘Soft Sound’ or ‘Clear Sound’ during the calls, however when many try these modes all they get is a small difference in volume. There are additional tricks that are more helpful in call, like being capable of turning noise decrease on and off and being capable of boosting the volume when required.


To sum up, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the finest phones for in fact, phoning, out there. Its size is not awful close to the ear and people can listen to you – and vice versa.

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