Changing your profile photo on Facebook is simple on Android; you just need to know where to look. Here is where you learn how to do it. 

There are two major ways you can modify your profile photo on Android. One is extremely clear-cut and allows you change it to any photo you by now have packed to your Facebook page. The other is a bit more complicated; however, it opens up the alternative of using photos taken on your Android tablet or Smartphone   as your latest Facebook profile. This is where you learn how to do both.

How to modify your Facebook profile photo on Android: Using a photo from your tablet/ Smartphone

Altering your Facebook Profile photo from your Android gadget ought to not be challenging or take a extended time.

1. Begin by opening the Facebook App and logging in. After that go straight to your profile page


2. Once you are in your profile page, hit on your profile photo. After you accomplish this, two alternatives will come up. Choose “Edit Profile Picture”


3. You will after that be capable of browsing through your gadget’s pictures. Once you have selected one, just choose it and you will be taken to the next step.


4. Move and scale: You will have the alternative of moving and/or rescaling your picture to go with your preferences. If you desire to retain the original size and position, basically press Done.

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How to change your Facebook profile picture on Android: Taking a picture from a Facebook album

1. Once more, begin by opening the Facebook app and logging in. After this, move to your Profile page. When you are in your Profile Page, hit on the pictures square where you will be capable of seeing pictures of you and your Albums. Choose Albums.

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2. Choose the album where the photo you would like to take is situated.


3. Look for the photo you would like and choose it. Once you have your picture, hit on the Options button at the base of the display.

Choose “Make profile photo”.


4. Move and scale: You will have the alternative of moving and/or rescaling your picture to go with your likings. Choose Done once you are finished.

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5. Done!

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