Disable Whatsapp Downloading Images

Disable Whatsapp Downloading Images

If you have been utilizing WhatsApp on your iPhone some time, you recognize that it stores auto-downloaded videos and images to the camera roll. This particular attribute can grow to be chaotic since it litters the Camera Roll and sometimes, you have got a few actually spiteful pictures on WhatsApp that wind up in your camera roll – completely public for anybody who is going through your camera roll album to glimpse.

Now that is somewhat a trouble. Nevertheless, it is pretty easy and uncomplicated to stop WhatsApp to auto-download videos and pictures to your iPhone camera roll.

To stop WhatsApp automatically storing videos and photos to iPhone camera roll:

  • Go to Settings
  • Roll down and hit on Privacy
  • Tap on pictures
  • At this time, turn off the button for WhatsApp

Until now, whenever somebody sends you a picture or a video, it remains in WhatsApp. You can still contain them in WhatsApp and see them however; it will not turn up in your camera roll photo album. It is not moved there saving you lots of clutter and seldom, some awkwardness.

Prevent WhatsApp Saving Pictures

Prevent WhatsApp Saving Pictures

There is a different way to stop Whatsapp from saving pictures to your camera roll. Here is how to accomplish that:

  • Start Whatsapp
  • Hit on Settings (from the bottom list of options)
  • Hit on Chat Settings
  • Stop the switch for save inward Media
Prevent WhatsApp Saving Pictures

Prevent WhatsApp Saving Pictures

This will prevent Whatsapp from storing any videos or pictures to the camera roll.

After you install WhatsApp, it requests authorization to access your pictures. If you turn it off here, you will not have to fret about WhatsApp videos and images being stored to your camera roll.

You can still view the pictures/videos sent by someone through tapping on the information button (on top-right of a chat display) -> View all media.

WhatsApp downloads pictures automatically however allows you opt to download videos. Once they are downloaded, they live within WhatsApp. If the app has authorization to access pictures, it stores them to the camera roll as well. Turn that authorization down and you are off the hook.

Switching off the Privacy for pictures for WhatsApp particularly assists in keeping your camera roll less littered but as well assists in reducing the magnitude of your camera roll.

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