If you have unintentionally deleted a few or all of your text messages by accident, worry not! You can find them with a 99% probability of success, however there is one element that is most vital: time! If you have deleted your SMS inbox you ought to act quickly, since whereas the messages are recoverable until the piece of memory on which they are saved is rewritten, the longer you linger the higher the probability of acquiring new app updates, text messages, or who-knows-what saved to the same location, eliminating them forever.

Tools to recover deleted SMS

There are a couple of special PC-based tools to assist you through this process, and certainly, as well for Mac users. Generally talking they are without charge (or encompass a free trial) and do the job similarly as well as the paid one. The particular tool you select will rely on your individual preference; however they all mainly do the same thing: scan your Android’s memory, recognize and recover your ”deleted” messages. They will all walk you through the procedure, which is generally just four steps long: connect, scan, preview, and recover. The procedure works for other data apart from text messages also.

How to recover lost text messages on Android

Depending on which program you pick, the steps might be different, however all you basically have to do is:

  • Download and install one of the programs. Start the program on your PC.



  • Connect your Android to your PC (with the recovery program installed and program running) through a USB cable.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Android. To accomplish this, you have to access the Developer Options in your core Settings menu. If you do not, simply go to About Phone, scroll down to Build Number and begin tapping continually. You will now get admission to Developer choices in the main Settings list of options (just on top of About Phone). Go into Developer Options, scroll down to USB Debugging (or Android Debugging, dependent on your ROM) and check the box.



  • Pursue the prompts in the recovery program to scan or examine your Android’s memory.



  • Once the procedure is finished you will have access to browse and sample the data stored on your Android gadget (whether it has been ”deleted” or not. Provided that the particular part of memory on which it was initially stored has not been saved over, you can still recover the data. This is why it is vital to act swiftly if you have lost data.



  • Just find your text message directory (or nevertheless the particular program shows your data), choose the messages you desire to recover and either make use of the Recover action in the program to locate them back on your gadget or save them to your PC for safe keeping.



Note: if you would like to finish this procedure with no PC, odds are you will require root access on your gadget and more than likely a paid recovery app. Anyhow; it is easier and free to make use of a PC.

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