If you are intending to improve your iPad,  iPhone,  or iPod Touch to iOS 7, ensure you back up data for instance iPhone notes, contacts, songs, photos, videos and playlists beforehand. Advancement to iOS 7 from a previous iOS version will cause the removal of all iPhone multimedia tracks in addition to pictures which are not in the Camera Roll.

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Backing up through iTunes

iTunes backup is suggested simply, if you are aggressively making use of iTunes on your PC and if you have by now synced the iPhone with the iTunes store on that computer. If you in no way synced with iTunes before, make use of iCloud backup as an alternative. Otherwise, you run the threat of iTunes deleting your iPhone movies and music in addition to removing apps from the iPhone and this is certainly no excitement.

If you decide to backup through iTunes, launch iTunes, bond the iPhone and once it shows on the left part of the major program window, right-click and choose “Back Up”


Additionally, every time you sync the gadget with the PC, iTunes by design backs up the iPhone.

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NOTE: If you allow iCloud backup, iTunes will not go through “Step 2” and will not by design back up the iPhone. In this instance, you are still capable of using iTunes and physically backup the iPhone.

iTunes will back up the following:

  • Contacts, text messages and call history
  • App data (this comprises app settings, in-app purchases and documents/game-saves however NOT Apps themselves).
  • Videos and Photos captured with your iPhone (this implies just the videos/photos in the Camera Roll) LIMITATION: Camera Roll videos and photos will NOT be reinstated if you reinstate an iPhone backup to iPad
  • Locally stored iPhone Notes showing in “On My iPhone” account
  • Local events and calendars in addition to calendar accounts sourced through the CalDAV protocol
  • Passwords you stored for email accounts in addition to passwords saved for external sync sources (that is to say Exchange, Yahoo or Gmail account records for accounts found in “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and Wi-Fi networks
  • iPhone preferences include: VPN preferences, network settings, location service preferences for list of paired Bluetooth devices and apps. LIMITATION: listing of paired gadgets will simply be reinstated if you make use of one and the same iPhone throughout both the restore and the backup
  • Safari browser auto fill information and cache in addition to history, bookmarks and open pages
  • Wallpapers, and Voice memos the arrangement of iPhone Home display (that is to say Home screen pages and App folders)

iTunes will NOT back up:

  • iPhone apps (app information will be backed up however)
  • iPhone videos, music and movies saved in the Music app
  • iPhone podcasts saved in the Podcasts or Music apps
  • iPhone videos and photos outside the Camera Roll (that is to say the pictures synced from your PC)
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