With the new features of the most recent version of iOS 8 being talked about, it is the much-awaited software of 2014. At present open just for developers, we have by now begun to get news in relation to added features and enhanced versions.

You can at the moment scan your credit cards for payments through your iPhone. The feature is in-built and developers do not have to do anything to enable it. Thanks to iOS 8′s extensibility, this feature will function with support of Safari software.

How to Scan Credit Card Details Using iPhone Camera in iOS 8

  • Ensure that you have Safari enabled. It is better and improved in iOS 8.
  • “Scan Credit Card” option will flash when the webpage seeking credit card information is displayed. (This will be shown after you shifted to payment mode for anything: bill, shopping or movie tickets.)
  • Tap on this option and it will open your camera.
  • Align the camera so the card is inside the framed border.
Scan Credit Card Details

Scan Credit Card Details

  • Once your card is framed as required, the camera will take a picture of it.
  • Through its “optical character recognition”, it will fill and generate all details of your card.
  • After this, your details will be filled in the webpage automatically and you just need to pay.

Yes, with next generation software, these types of features are achievable, saving your time. You can even save your card’s picture and other details after scanning is done. iOS 8 is going through a number of other developments and once they are done, this fantastic feature will be open to all. Even Safari has received a number of up gradation that needs to be carried out.

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