One of the latest features of the iPhone 5s is the fingerprint authentication scanner integrated into the Home Button, which permits you to firmly lock the handset with your fingerprint, in addition to buy in the iTunes store. Setting up the fingerprint authentication sensor, like it is called, takes about a minute. Here is how to set it up when you get your iPhone 5s.

Step One

Hit to start Settings from the Spring Board.

Step Two

Choose General from the list of options.


Step Three

Select Passcode and Fingerprint from the General list of options.

Step Four

You should always turn on passcode if you don’t encompass a lockscreen passcode set up.

Enter a fresh passcode and re-input it once impelled.


Step Five

Select Fingerprints from the Passcode and Fingerprints list of options.

Step Six

Select add a fingerprint from the Fingerprints list of options.

You can select any finger you want — and even input many fingers — however it is best to select one that you are almost certainly to make use of while holding the handset.

Step Seven

You will be impelled to input a fingerprint.

Put your finger on the Home key devoid of pressing it down. You must tap the key a number of times; while you do, the gray lines will change to red. After all the lines have changed to red, the setup procedure will progress to the next step.

Step Eight

Adjust your grip in order that you are griping the iPhone 5s like you would generally.

You will after that be impelled to capture the edgings of your fingerprint. Replicate the same procedure of taping your finger to the feeler after that lifting up however this time concentrate on capturing the surfaces of your fingerprint.

Once sufficient information has been captured your fingerprint verification will be prepared for use. Hit the Continue key.

Step Nine

You will be taken back to the Fingerprints list of options. Here you can register an additional fingerprint or allow your fingerprint for use while buying apps and media from the iTunes Store and App Store.

To facilitate iTunes and App Store use, just hit the right switch in the Fingerprints list of options. Note: This key is stopped if you are not by now logged into the App Store.

Step Ten

To try out fingerprint verification, lock your gadget with the Sleep/Wake key. After that push the button another time to wake the gadget. You will see a slide to release message at the base of the lock screen.

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