Instagram is not the single app with filters. In addition, filters do not need to be limited to pictures alone. If you are one of those who would be interested in testing with filters on videos, this article is for you.

The app store is residence for many exciting iPhone and iPad apps that allow you alter your videos in different ways. One of them is using cool filters on the videos and rendering them. And no, filters do not simply imply the monochrome or the sepia. There are many of choices to select from.

8mm Vintage Camera

8mm iPhone Video App

You can do many things with this app. First off, it permits you capture video with live filters used. So identical to how you can use live filters in iOS 7′s stock camera application for clicking pictures, 8mm allows you apply live filters to videos you are capturing through the app.



NYTimes explained Viddy as perhaps doing to videos what Instagram did for pictures. Viddy came out way back however; it has been one remarkably skilled app for videos. It attributes the capability to capture videos with pause: you can take videos, after that pause, and then continue the recording to make fragmented videos, which are stitched by the app. For videos that are by now in the camera roll, you can sample how they appear through the live-filters. With a big range of filters, you can swiftly create stunning videos on the fly.



KitCamera is one more competitor in the live-filter variety that allows you capture videos with filters used live. It has several fascinating elements that others miss. Stuff like TIFF format support, a big compilation of lenses and filter effects, and real-time white balance are stuff that the app brings to the table.

Spark Camera


Listed last however it is one of the top video-effects app ever seen in the App Store. Spark Camera virtually describes the type of creating quirky, fascinating and cool-appearing videos using filters, crop/mix effects and more.

The whole interface of Spark Camera is so familiar with iOS 7′s minimalism that it seems like a local app done right. The app supports 720p HD videos that you can stitch jointly, crop/trim, apply high-quality filters to, and spice it all up with music from your library. Spark Camera allows you to make videos lasting 45seconds each. And obviously, there is the capability to share instantaneously on your desired social networks.

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