The TechSparks event in Hyderabad has seen some of the best Startup stories and apart from that, the VCs talking about their investments. One of them is a portal for the app developers, and it was by Narendra Bhandari – Director Asia Pacafic, Software Services Group.

A brief on what all Mr. Bhandari talked in the TechSparks Event –
Growing online users:
25% of the world is connected
80% of the devices used to connect together are Computers and Phones

intel appup

This makes these gadgets the actual future, with thousands of applications being made every now and then.

Applications are being used –
Communicate, Socialize, Learn, Entertain, Create and Share Experiences, Do Business with, Transact with Money
Intel Architecture helps in multiple pursposes.

According to him, Apps Transform us and our lifestyles.
Introduces Intel AppUp with the Developer options, and it is a developer program which is supporting tablets and netbooks as of now and the OS Windows and Meego. This is a store available for download and there are many well profiled partners from around the world. It has a forum for the developers where there are more than 50000 registered developers.

Goal of the AppUp program – 4″ to 40″ Screen Sizes, Sensory infrastructure – Context, AR, Motion, Location and Feelings. Sharing the user experiences and not judging anything just by its looks and the external feel.

Intel expects the developers to join in, and help develop the forum in terms of solving the problems, creating stuff and making the problem solving easier and better in the world.

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