After the not-so-impressive inauguration of Windows 10 last fall, Microsoft is looking to make amends this Wednesday, going onstage again to showcase more features of the latest flagship OS.

What’s on offer with Windows 10 time?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is set to address journalists this Wednesday at Microsoft HQ Redmond, Washington; possibly showcasing some new features of the upcoming Windows 10 Operating System. What major upgradations can we expect? Well, a much improved Cortana, the voice-based digital assistant is a certainty. With the clear demarcation between PC/Laptops and Smartphone/tablets waning steadily, Cortana is expected to control intra-windows search functionality, interoperability amongst Windows 10 on PC/laptop and the Windows phone platforms.


Continuum: maintaining continuity for the leap forward?

Since last fall, we have been hearing about the self adaptive Continuum technology. With an eye on the inter-device operability and use of access, Microsoft has incorporated Continuum, a technology which enables the Windows UI to adapt to user preference on the fly. The UI is expected to change itself when a user switches mode, say from a normal laptop mode to the tablet mode. In an effort to give Lumia users the same Windows ‘feel,’ Microsoft may also decide to facelift Windows 8 powered Lumia’s to run on Windows Phone 10.

Microsoft is set to boost the latest app model- Universal windows. Rechristened and upgraded version of the Windows store apps, this will run on the desktop version as well.

Keeping in mind the debacle of Windows 8 in business and enterprises, Microsoft has aimed to fix all the drawbacks of Window 8, basing on the successful and user-friendly Windows 7. With specialized storage and protection of corporate data, inter-device mobile device management may just suffice Microsoft’s target in getting back the corporate clients.

Also, reports have suggested there may be significant advancement in the lightweight ‘Spartan’ browser. Lightweight and popular Opera has been Microsoft’s feature phones’ default browser for quite some time, outsmarting Firefox and Chrome both. So, we may get the Spartan browser for all lower end models.

And, oh yes, the Start Button is back in action.

Let’s see, whether Windows 10 can start bringing Microsoft back on track.

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