Google Nexus series is one of the most admired series of Smartphone’s. Each year, Google puts in a new Smartphone member into the Nexus series. You should know, Google Nexus series is not restricted to only Smartphone’s. However the base of the series is for sure Nexus Smartphone. Google has of late launched its 5th Generation Smartphone the LG Nexus 5 and currently anticipations of people and the next generation technology is forcing public to picture the next avatar of nexus series the Google Nexus 6 Smartphone.

This article is going to reveal several new attributes that people are tipping the Nexus 6 to have as well, giving you as complete of a picture as achievable for all things Nexus 6.

New Nexus 6 specs rumors

In line with a valued website, International Business Times, the Nexus 6 is anticipated to be built by LG. The website as well hints that the Nexus 6 will be mainly built on the plans of the 2014 LG flagship Smartphone the LG G3.

The websites as well reports that the Nexus 6 will be founded on the following specs:


Google is anticipated to consist of a 64-bit processor and some kind of a fingerprint sensor aboard the Nexus 6, to bring it in line with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S  .

Other than that, people look forward to the other Nexus 6’s key new attributes to be software based.

As ever, Google will disclose more information concerning its software and OS progresses at its annual I/O meeting, which is due to happen in June.


Chromecast mirroring

Since Google has its fingers in countless pies it is not possible to anticipate precisely what or when it will begin bringing them into its Smartphone software. Nevertheless the latest launch of the Google Chromecast TV streaming stick came with a gaping hole which is fully expected the next update of Android to fill: Smartphone mirroring (the capability to see the contents of your phone’s screen on your TV).



Once more, nothing has been formally confirmed here; however, there have been some sincerely convincing rumors circulating concerning a Google Gem Smartwatch starting this year. If this proves to be factual, in that case, logic states that the new Nexus 6 and the future Android 4.5 OS would go together with ingrained smartwatch connectivity/pairing.


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