The guys at Webchutney and DesiMartini have come up with a unique concept, an exceptional one for a legendary Rajinikanth who deserves the honor of having a website, which runs only when the computer is offline, i.e. disconnected from the internet. To view the website, one has to either remove the LAN cable or turn off the Wi-Fi connection on your computer or laptop. Unique? It should be, after all its about the man with unique talent – Rajinikanth.

Once you get disconnected to the internet, the website would start and you would be taken to 3 sections, one talking about the personal life of Rajni, the other talking about his skills and his acting, the third talking about the trivia that is always discussed as jokes all around the world.

“The unbelievable spectacle of running a website without the Internet is a tribute to Rajinikanth’s larger-than-life image,” claimed Webchutney’s creative director Gurbaksh Singh. “The website has received a phenomenal response and has gone viral with several thousand hits and counting, along with innumerable shares and mentions across the web, especially on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,”

Check to enjoy the website offline.

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