The Reliance 3G Mobile Broadband (check website) is the 3G service for the SIM based 3G data cards that you need to separately purchase and along with that, opt for one of the plans of Reliance 3G which are based on whether it is a prepaid or a postpaid one. You need to purchase the 3G data card from any Reliance World or Reliance Mobile Store and the data cards could be either of the capacity of 7.2 Mbps and 21.6 Mbps.

Reliance 3G

It is not always necessary that you use a USB modem to use the Reliance 3G service, because the same service can be used by having your phone as a modem and the normal browsing can be done through your mobile phone which supports 3G connectivity.

You have a choice of two cards:

  • 7.2 Mbps USB Data Card: Rs. 1699
  • 21.6 Mbps USB Data Card: Rs. 3099

Here are the Reliance 3G Prepaid Packs and Tariffs:

Reliance 3G Pay As You Go Plan:

The pay as your go plan has no separate rental fee, but the charge for browsing the 3G internet using this plan is 10p/10kb so if you have downloaded 1GB of data using this plan, it would cost you Rs. 10. That’s quite high, imagine your phone background data turned “On” and the cost after an entire day.

Volume (GB) Based Plan

The volume based plans start from Rs. 96 plan except in Delhi where its Rs. 65 plan being the minimum one. There are plans ranging from a week to a month of validity. The 397 plan is the highest, where the free quota available is 500 MB. The validity of the plan is of 30 days. Following are the various plans based on the volume:

Plan MRP (Rs) Free Quota Validity Valid In Circles
3G Weekly Pack Rs. 65 65 MB 3 Days Delhi
3G Weekly Pack Rs. 96 125 MB 7 Days All
3G Plans 100 MB Rs. 97 100 MB 30 days All
3G Plans 250 MB Rs. 198 250 MB 30 days All
3G Plans 500 MB Rs. 397 500 MB 30 days All

Daily / Monthly plans

These are the plans that are based on the validity and the cost depends on the time frame you are selecting. There are limited plans for 30 days, and even daily and weekly plans available. The daily plan would begin from the time you activate it and is valid till midnight.

Plan Charges Free Quota Overage Charges Validity (Days)
3G Plans 100 MB Rs. 100 100 MB 10p/10KB 30 days
3G Plans 250 MB Rs. 199 250 MB 10p/10KB 30 days
3G Day Plan Rs.20 25 MB 10p/10KB Till midnight
3G Week Plan Rs.96 125 MB 10p/10KB 7

How to Activate the Reliance 3G Mobile Broadband packs:

To activate any plan, you need to go to the MobileNet website of Reliance and you can buy any pack directly from there. Go here for the same.

Here are a few packs you can directly buy from there:

Day Pack

Rental: Rs. 20
Pack Validity : Till Midnight
Browsing upto : 25 MB
10p/10kb applicable post free usage

Week Pack

Rental: Rs. 96
Pack Validity : 7 days
Browsing upto : 125 MB
10p/10kb applicable post free usage

3G Pack 100 MB

Rental: Rs. 100
Pack Validity : 30 days
Browsing upto : 100 MB
10p/10kb applicable post free usage

3G Pack 250 MB

Rental: Rs. 199
Pack Validity : 30 days
Browsing upto : 250 MB
10p/10kb applicable post free usage

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