What began like a free online substitute to Microsoft Office has fast grown to be one of the most remarkable services for creating, editing, saving, syncing, and teaming up on documents. Google Drive has long overwhelmed people in just how far it goes toward assisting groups of people team up on files concurrently. A number of novel features rolling out in a current update add even more support for cooperation.

What’s New in Drive?

The latest change in Google Drive, which will roll out to users gradually, is that Google+ profile photos of coworkers now show at the top of the file while they are editing or viewing a document. Previously, once coworkers opened a document, you would notice a line of text reading “2 other viewers” at the top right, which opened to expose their names or email addresses and a color code for every individual.


There is as well now an incorporated group chat feature that allows many coworkers hold talks via text whilst they are working.

An additional rather big addition is offline access to all your Drive materials if you are making use of Google Chrome OS. To permit this setting, go to your Google Drive page and check under the “More” button to the left for the offline access setting. Turning on this feature allows you to read and edit your files offline; modifications will sync to the cloud the next time you join.



The toughest disapproval Google Drive has faced amount to fears over privacy and IP possession. The new teamwork features could place your face in the company of strangers if you are not cautious, however it is very simple to manage this likely problem with a degree of care.

A number of Google Drive holders keep their documents open to the public, and if you are signed into your Google account once you view these files, other users will be capable of seeing your photo and name. While searching public files, it is a better plan to log out of Google, or make use of a different browser and perhaps as well turn on incognito features if your browser has them to keep yourself mysterious. Unidentified users are assigned arbitrary profile photos of animals instead, for instance a dinosaur, dolphin, or beaver.

Main Features of Drive

The essence of Google Drive, and the major appeal to it, is it can store your files in the cloud where they are available to you and your colleagues, and become extremely searchable.


One feature connected to “search” stands out: Google’s capability to scan a picture and “read” it with optical character recognition, or recognize it with its own technology.

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