There has been a fair bit of misunderstanding in relation to what Google Now actually is. It is simple to depict it as Google’s version of Siri; however it is in fact a lot more determined than that. Certainly, you can make use of it to set reminders to purchase milk or have dinner with acquaintances, and you can raise it basic questions regarding the weather tomorrow or who directed The Shining, however the actual draw lies in its capabilities to preempt your needs and desires.

If you allow it study about you and your lifestyle, in that case it can create information that it believes you may be engrossed in. News, weather, sports scores, and traffic information is served up in real time founded on your earlier searches and movements. Information is served up in the form of cards, which you can tap for additional detail or swipe away to disregard. After it works, Google Now can offer you what you desire prior to you even knowing you would like it.


On Android handsets running Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher, for instance the Samsung Galaxy S4, you access Google Now not as an application, however as an integrated function. (On the S4, you keep down the menu button.) Nevertheless, the app is accessible for iOS gadgets also.


The interface is clean, white and simple to make use of. Cards turn up on the display, and to speak to the application, you simply click the microphone or state “OK Google.”


Google Now features comprise the capability to show you flight statuses, sports scores, and public transit and traffic information. In addition, it will pull up your boarding pass if you encompass Gmail cards allowed (and if the airline takes part). It can as well send you reminders founded on location or time.



One of the finest features of Google Now is that it is location-responsive. If you stand close to a bus direction, Google Now pops up bus proposals. If you camp with a PC in the same position each day, Google Now assumes you are working there — and shows you an approximate on how long it will take to drive home by time and mileage.



By virtue of its being integrated into the latest Android Smartphone’s, Google Now is easier to get than any of the other individual assistant apps. On the other hand, its normal language search was not as flawless or as helpful as Sherpa, and many would have liked the capability to post straight to social networks. Still, its location consciousness, public transport data and practical reminders make Google Now a useful app to have on the move.

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