Following weeks of expectation, Google is at last allowing a limited number of novel users into its Google Voice phone system. Google Voice permits you to fuse all of your handsets under a single number and after that make use of a powerful set of controls to decide how calls are managed. It packs a lot of other remarkable functionality, as well, counting voicemail-to-text transcribing and superior call-screening. Here is a breakdown of five pros to assist you decide whether the service is ideal for you.


1. Routing power

Google Voice eradicates the issue of having many numbers for numerous purposes. Once you sign up and get a phone number, you key in all of your accessible numbers–your cell phone, home phone, work phone, and anything else–into the control panel. After that, when you get a call, all of your telephones will ring (or a lesser subset, if you want), and you can respond on either one is most suitable at the time.

The real power, however, comes with Google Voice’s superior routing alternatives. You can set your likings in order that certain calls will ring just certain phones. You could even set particular callers to be routed straight into your voicemail.

2. Screening power

When a call comes through, you encompass an entire new set of choices. After you answer the call, and whilst the caller still hears ringing, you will be presented with the individual’s name and four choices: answer the call, send it to voicemail and listen in live, send it to voicemail or answer and record the call.

3. Voicemail power

Like stated above, Google Voice’s voicemail system permits you to eavesdrop while somebody is recording a message. If you choose to pick up midmessage, you merely press the star key and start talking.


Google Voice’s voicemail is completely available over the Web, as well: You can listen in on voicemail online, forward voice messages to different users, and even entrench them on other Web sites. Google Voice as well provides text transcriptions of your voice messages and the capability to get them through e-mail or text message.

4. SMS power

SMS is completely incorporated into Google Voice. If somebody sends a message to your Google number, the service will route it to whichever mobile phones you have linked. You can respond to text messages from any handset also, or through the Google Voice Web interface.

Google Voice can as well store all of your text messages in its Web interface for lasting archiving. That implies each text you have ever sent or received can be searched, filed, and kept eternally–like it were e-mail. Similar to Gmail, the Google VoiceWeb system shows back-and-forth messages like chats to make following chats easier.

5. Midcall power

Google Voice offers you added power whilst you are in the center of a call, also. You can begin and stop recording calls with the tap of a single button, and after that access those recordings online. You can as well switch telephones without having to disrupt the call: You just press the star key whilst talking, and your other linked phones will start to ring. At that time, you can pick any of them up, hang the original handset up, and go about your chat like nothing had taken place.


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