The Samsung Galaxy Tab Indiblogger Meet at Bangalore is about to begin, as usual, quite late and we are seeing around 50 people in the room and the time is 2 p.m. already. There is a contest too, which I participated in.

We would be live blogging the event, and as expected there are plenty of Galaxy Tab 750 devices around here being used by many for testing and to play around.

samsung galaxy tab indiblogger meet

galaxy tab meet

2:10 p.m. – We are still waiting for the event to start off. A few speakers on the stage and roaming here and there. The Wi-Fi isn’t working, so thanks to the Galaxy Tab of Android Advices team for keeping us online.

2:20 p.m. – There is some video interview contest going on here and we don’t know the ABC of it. Anyways anyone around here can check out the rules and try to participate.. and yeah, now we know why some random guy came to Interview us!

galaxy tab video interview contest

2:30 p.m. – We are almost there. Event is going to start.. seats are almost filled up. We have the eyes on the screens which have the live feeds of tweets, and since the past 20 minutes, we are just staring to see something new there.

2:40 p.m. – Karthik giving the introduction on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

karthik indiblogger

Aman, from Samsung, is introducing Samsung and his team members who have come here.

aman samsung indiblogger

Sarfaraz from Samsung is taking us through the Introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

sarfaraz samsung indiblogger

Sarfaraz: The display has got somewhere around 149 ppi, for a better display.

Showing the demo of the browser, the video display in the tab.. playing a video on youtube. Says, take the device in the hand and you will know.

Amazing 7000 mAh battery, the amazing connectivity, lightweight at just 565 gm, and a very thin one at 8.66 mm. No other device comes with a capacity to bring in the connectivity upto 21 Mbps.

3:00 p.m. – Sarfaraz: Talking about the browser, opens and boasts about self, about bringing the Metallica band to their company. The site is opened to show the support for flash content.

About the Entertainment: It has a support for the 1080p video playback, and the Progressive works in the best manner here. Stereo speakers for surround sound (but I would say, iPad has got a higher decibel level compared to the tab). Play the high graphics games and you would see the performance of the dual core processor.

About the Samsung Hubs: Social, Media, Game, Readers hubs are the ones we are having globally, but the movies and game hub isn’t available in India as of now. The Social hub has all the social networks in one section, and you are connected to all the networks at once, currently supporting LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The social hub makes things better with the TouchWiz Interface. The Readers hub has an access to over 2.2 million ebooks.

explaining tab 750

3:10 p.m. – Live Panel – All the live panels, with the live widgets which can be placed and removed, resized and played around. It is customizable and you have a wide array of widgets and options to change the size and number of widgets. These changes are due to the TouchWiz UI and the mini tray has the access to the most frequently used apps.

Honeycomb 3.1 OS.. explaining the various compatibilities and capabilities. Support for USB memories etc.

Clipboard for mobile blogging. We didn’t like it though. Without the blogging platforms, there is nothing the Tab can do.

clipboard in browser

Motion UX Gestures, Dual Core 1GHz processor. Polaris office pre-installed for the presentations, office documents.

Oh and the final conclusion by Sarfaraz.. “My Tab is a Better Tab”!!

There comes a comment from someone, who asks: Why do you keep lowering the prices every month? I bought 4 devices all of whose prices got down in no time. ~~ A good question!!

3:30 p.m. Sarfaraz ends the presentation with a round of questionnaire by people.

Here is the team (Amit, Yogesh, Neal, Mahesh and Ramesh in the pic), excluding me and Varun, who are behind the cam.

android advices team indiblogger meet

There are T-shirts being given away to people who are wearing glasses. How unfair!

The short version of introductions going on, where people are randomly selected and they have to talk about themselves in 20 seconds. Damn IndiBlogger, why did you pick me? I have a big stage fear. And interestingly, all the members of the Android Advices team were named for the Intros.

3:45 p.m. This introduction session is interesting, and funny. Yeah, only for those who have a good sense of humor.

indiblogger intro

3:55 p.m. – The Introductions still going on. Pretty boring as we go on.. and around 30 people still to introduce themselves.

4:10 p.m. – Almost done. 5 more people to go. Oh and we are finally done. A tea break and we would be back.

5:00 p.m. – The sessions starts. These sheets are on all the chairs, lets see what they want us to do with them.

indiblogger sheets

These sheets had to be filled by others with some messages, signatures etc. and the ones with highest number of the same would be getting the goodies. Not so interested, but still was pretty good for networking.

There was a twitter quiz and later we left, and there was some other session going on which we missed, getting late for the flight.

(Keep refreshing for the updates!)

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