Photography is hobby so many people and they all time love to capture pictures and also want to edit them. Sometime they want to improve the look of photos. And for the android devices on the Google Play store thousand of photography app. So some time people got confusion that which app is best for them, so don’t worry about it now here we are going to give you top best free and paid photo editing apps which you can easily download from Google Play Store. We hope so you must like these apps and really want to try them. Well let’s have a look..!

PicSay App:


It is basic picture editing app. Picsay is an application that combines basic editing characteristics and a couple of additional livens to process fascinating photographs. The application gives you a chance to perform rudiments alterations on introduction, differentiate, splendor, tint, immersion, temperature and shade under the “Add Effects” tab. The following characteristics are additionally under the same tab:

Contort for making a puff, circle, stretch, or spin effect






The greater parts of the previously stated impacts are novel to Picsay but what truly separates it is the capability to include Word Balloons, Titles, and Stickers. These increments have customizable fonts and colors and you can organize them anywhere on photograph. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

Awesome Miniature Pro App:


It is the best android app for photo editing, this app for tilt shift addicts who want to add depth on their photos more quickly than with AfterFocus. This Tilt-shift is available in different three formats such as linear, round and oval. And you also can adjust the blur strength. It has also awesome miniature pro has a few simple filters, some from PicsPlay and other unique. With its basics you can adjust color, white balance and birders may also be applied directly from the app. It has a free version but has fewer features and limitations as well. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

TouchRetouch App:


In the TouchRetouch have all features free but with the added feature of clone stamp for creating cleaner looking photos after objects elements. It has also 1:1 image view the ability to save EXIF data and various additional settings. The best thing in this app is that there are no ads and images are saved in full resolution thus retaining the quality of photos.

PhotoShake! Pro


It is also one of the best photo editing app. It is lets you create photo collages. Which photo you want to use just select it and randomly switch between different arrangements by shaking your phone or tablet which you have. You also can choose from thousand of papers as background and move photos around within mini frames. After completing editing you can share your photo anywhere. And this app also allows you to add stickers and speech balloons much like PicSay pro.

Little Photo App:


This app is also one of the best android app. The Little Photo is mostly a photo filtering app with a few basic features like rotating pictures and adding frames. You can adjust the intensity of these filters which you like. This app also easy in use but has few advance features also such like multi exposure, body glow and burn spot.


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