1.  Death Racing:


Death Racing is a fast-paced 3D racing game which is developed by FT Games. Drive through beautiful views i.e. along roads, bridges and seashore. Just shake your phone to avoid obstacles and skillfully use the brake to get the maximum score. You have to collect coins, unlock new cars and enjoy the feeling of speed and power. More you accelerate your score will multiply. If you want to download this, download it from the Google Play Store here.

2.  Raging Thunder 2:


Raging Thunder 2 is a racing game that is developed by Pixelbite Games. Game play is that you have to drive through deserted temples, tropical beaches, and snow covered mountains. It has player game modes from where Players can be chosen i.e. Time Attack, Survival, Career Mode, Instant Race, means you can do this from any of the 5 single player game modes. Just collect power-ups and coins so you can upgrade and buy a new car to take on opponents. This game is a powerful racing game that will leave players coming back for more. You can download this game from the Google Play Store here.

3.  Redline Rush:


Redline Rush is a super fun racing game, developed by Crescent Moon Games. This game tests your driving skills and speed through traffic to escape the police. You have to avoid epic crashes, just pick up power-ups and race your way toward the leader board. If you are interested you can download this from the Google Play Store here.

4.  Fast Racing 3D:


Fast Racing 3D is a racing game. This game is developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The game play will include players swerving through traffic and knocking others racers off the road. To gain extra speed you have to collect power-ups. Third game has great crash sound effects and cutting edge graphics. Players can tailor their own vehicles, race in over 40 levels, so that you can earn cash to unlock new cars. You can download this game from the Google Play Store here.

5.  Road Warrior: Best Racing Game


This is a multiplayer combat racing game developed by Top Free Apps and Games. This is a race against opponents in different types of races from plain asphalt to uneven rally roads. Just shoot them with your guns and watch them explode. You have to perform flips and stunts to gain coins and nitro boosts. Players can be chosen from multiple cars like sedans to massive monster trucks. Race against the bosses, if you beat them you will get their racing and killing machines. You can download this interesting game from the Google Play Store here.

6.  Smash Cops Heat:


Smash Cops Heat is a dreadful racing game which is developed by Hutch Games. By testing your driving skills escape criminal attacks in heart-stopping chases. Select from a series of high performance cars and set free rapid fire take downs. Explosive new power-ups so that you eccentric the carnage. You can download this from the Google Play Store here.

7.  Car Race by Fun Games:


Car Race by Fun Games For Free is an exciting drag racing game. Just accelerate and change gears to beat your opponents. It has amazing 3D graphics and simple controls. You can simply download this game from the Google Play Store here

8.  Drag Racing:

unnamed (1)

This is one of the hottest drag racing games out there. The game play is simple, just race against another car in a straight line. You can challenge your friends or race random opponents online, Race nine players at time and prove off your skills in 1/4-mile, 1/2-mile and 1-mile races. To earn cash you have to win a race so that you can improve your car. See how much fast you can depart in this addicting game. You can download this game from the Google Play Store here.

9.  Hill Climb Racing:


Players will play as Newton Bill. He is an aspiring uphill racer. Help Newton Bill on his journey so that he conquers the highest hills up on the moon. Players have to drive through bumpy landscapes without flipping over. You can gain bonus from doing tricks and collect coins to upgrade parts to your car which includes engine, suspension, tires and 4WD. You can download this racing game from the Google Play Store here.

10. BMX Boy:

BMX boy

BMX Boy is an excellent fun racing game, which is developed by Runner Games. Game play is simple, just speed up, jump over obstacles on the road and land safely. You can get extra points by performing tricks in the air. The game BMX Boy is addicting and easy to play. You can download this from the Google Play Store here.

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