VPN, which is short for Virtual Private Network, is an excellent way to ensure good quality privacy when surfing the internet. One of the greatest benefits of using VPN is the fact that it keeps cybercrimes at bay. This is mainly due to encryption processes that makes every online activity through that particular network safe and secure, not to mention private. VPN has a great control over the existence of your IP address and to ensure maximum security, it employs a completely different IP address that gives out incorrect information pertaining to the country you are using the VPN from or the system that is being used. It works much like a private domain wherein the WHOIS database shows a constantly changing record of your residential address, email address and the likes when you buy a domain. Using a VPN has its own disadvantages, the biggest being the excruciatingly slow speed of your connection. Generally, a system or device using VPN will work slower by 25-50 %. However, considering the benefits that VPN provides, the drawbacks will most certainly be overshadowed.

1.)   Security when surfing the internet using a public wi-fi:

A wi-fi connection in a public location may seem like a boon as you get access to the internet to continue working on that important business project. While it is an excellent provision, you must realize that it is one of the most unsafe ways to access the internet, especially when you wish to carry out important tasks that require complete confidentiality. All a hacker needs is a plugin and your system can be hacked in absolutely no time.

However, this can be reversed by ensuring that you use a VPN connection instead of relying solely on the free wi-fi offered at malls or other public locations. Therefore, once you connect your device to a public wi-fi network, you must also activate the personal VPN to secure your browsing activities.

2.)   Easy avoidance of a particular country’s censorship rules:

Although it is largely known as the World Wide Web, there are certain countries in the world that essentially have severe restrictions when it comes to accessing certain websites. Usually, it is the countries like Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Afghanistan and Egypt that have, to a great extent, serious limitations while browsing the internet. This does not mean that they can have access only to a chunk of what the World Wide Web has to offer. By making use of the VPN, they can access websites that fall under the restrictive category without even leaving behind a trace. Therefore, they can enjoy their browsing activities as much as anyone else on the other side of the planet and outdo the censorship rules.

3.)   Browse the internet without leaving behind a trail:

Controversial matter can always land you in trouble. Sometimes, people are so accustomed to living in denial that even the slightest intrusion of truth can lead to a drastic attitude change. This holds true especially when it comes to certain social issues. Therefore, when researching on such delicate issues, you need to be extremely careful to avoid attracting unwarranted attention. Sometimes when you buy a domain, it is also important that you use a VPN network to ensure that your research is invisible to the outer world.

This can be an excellent way to keep tabs on your competitors as well. Besides, celebrities, who constantly live under the fear of being hacked, can browse the internet without any concern by simply switching to a VPN network.

Author’s bio:

Tyler Mosby is an internet marketing analyst and has a professional background in marketing. He suggests website owners to buy a domain name and choose an appropriate web hosting plan for maximum benefits. He is also a sports lover and does not miss out on any football matches.

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