Windows 8 has started rolling more than a year ago and pretty much all tech enthusiasts and gadget nerds have got their hands on it. Some liked it and some did not because the way Windows 8 change computing wasn’t a good change for all. Many people would still prefer the start button in the bottom left corner rather than a full start screen, and many people would actually want to use a computer by a keyboard and mice, not by sliding the display. But however, it was seen in the previous times that everyone gets themselves used to the newest operating system as time passes, and it’s pretty obvious. If it wasn’t, the computer age would still be stuck at the Windows 3.0 arena that used a command line interface for computing.

Windows 8 RT Apps

However, our main concern is to discuss on the newly released Windows 8, only one variant of it and that is Windows 8 RT. Intended mainly for the tablets running on ARM based architectures, and it has started gaining popularity among the users. Although there are many things that you can’t do in the RT version which you can in the other variants, what are they? We are going to have a discussion on it.

Desktop is only for Microsoft apps

Although the market is flooded with tablets now, but you might still want a tablet that looks like a laptop just without the keyboard part. Yes, it’s now possible because of Windows 8 RT, but not entirely. Because you might be able to get the normal desktop on your Windows 8 RT running tablet, but the bad news for you is – you can’t run any non-Microsoft apps in that arena. Microsoft has locked down this facility only for the Microsoft apps like MS Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player etc. and other stuff. Yes you can use non Microsoft apps but them in the Metro UI.

Windows Apps are pre-installed

The apps you get with any other version with Windows like the games, accessories and other stuffs, are still available in this version of Windows. So if you have been a fan of these apps, you are not losing anything. And as bonus, you will get newer modified version of some of these apps.

Office 2013

Good news! The Windows 8 RT version comes with Microsoft Office 2013 pre-installed, four office apps of this series. You will get MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS OneNote. But the worst thing about this is, you will have to use this app in the desktop mode which is actually not user friendly. You will find yourself in difficulties while touching through the different apps. Touch mode can be activated in the Office 2013 but it’s not much helpful.

Configure the tablet

If you have used Windows 8 already, then you know you have got a configuration option which is not so useful in desktop or laptop computers; but in the Windows 8 RT version which runs on the tablets, the option is highly useful.

Wrap Up

You might be wondering, why the desktop is even there. Probably because you still can’t change many settings from the Metro UI app. You can expect it to be gone after a few updates, although we can’t ensure anything. Just an assumption!

We had once listed why the Windows 8 would be better than Windows 7 and if you are still stuck with the Windows 7 OS, here’s how to get Windows 8 Metro Screen on Windows 7.

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