Guest blogging has been one of the best ways to spread information, posts and to promote about the bloggers in various blogs. But it isn’t an easy thing to manage things if there are multiple authors and contributors, and you don’t have the same level of trust on every contributor. Some are approved to publish the posts and manage them too, and some are limited to just writing and submitting the post for review. A single blogger maintaining everything would be a hard task, so there are a few plugins using which you can make things easier for yourself and the other contributors on your blog.

collaboration emails plugin

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails is one of the plugins that makes the managing thing far easier. The plugin sends automatic emails to contributors and editors when the status of the post is changed, by either of them. Here are the details and features explained –
Contributor submits article for review:
When a contributor in your blog submits an article for review, the plugin will send a mail to all the editors who you have chosen to check and approve the post. The plugin would let them know that the post is pending to review, and also it would send a link that would directly take them to the post edit page.

When editor approves the post:
When an editor or the blog admin approves the post, the contributor gets an email from the plugin system that the post has been approved. It also lets the contributor know who approved it.
If the post is published, the link to the post is given. If the post is scheduled, the information i.e. time and date for the publishing is given. And when the scheduled post goes live, the contributor gets a mail for that too.

collaboration email

When the editor rejects a post, or asks for editing:
If at all the blog editor or admin decides to reject the post or wants to let the writer know that it needs to be checked, edited and re-submitted, he would just change the status of the post from Pending to Draft, and the contributor would get an email about that.

You can create groups for the contributors and the editors. Moderators can be assigned for the particular contributors and there are several other settings too which you can do.

Check out the plugin, and download from here. You can even install the plugin directly from within the blog admin panel. You can even try the WP Status Notifier plugin as an easy alternative.

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