Salesforce can help in providing proper customer support and can increase the customer loyalty at an enhanced pace. The salesforce changesets help in providing the customer support in a unique way. Now, let us understand the methods:

24/ 7 Customer Support: The customers can easily get solutions whenever they want. The customer service can easily be accessed 24/7. The cases can be managed faster with the help of the service cloud, if operated in the proper manner. The platform can help in maintaining sync with your desktop and mobile devices.

Customized Service: Salesforce can help in producing personalized services where you will be able to meet the expectations of the customers in different ways. To create a difference with your competitors, you always need to provide customized services through the salesforce.

Predictive Support: With the help of the new technology, the intelligent support can be applied. This can help in resolving the issues before they occur. These types of preventive supports can delight the customers as the problems will be solved before they actually occur.

Faster Process: The customer loyalty can only be gained if the support process is faster. The service cloud can resolve the cases very quickly by providing the right systems to you and your agents.

Support with Multi-Channels: Multi channel support can be helpful for the customer service in the Salesforce. The multi channels may include the traditional face to faceinteractions, or phone or emails or sometimes the voice messages. Your brand should get aproper voice through the Salesforce and should reach your target customers with the help of the different channels. You are required to check out the multiple channels through which you can satisfy a wide range of your target customers.

Customer Service in Social Platforms: With the help of the social media channels, Salesforce can provide customer service in various means. Your agents should be well equipped with different tools and techniques so that they can collaborate and deliver the customer service properly.

SOS: The cases can be solved in emergency situations also. You can arrange the live video support with the help of the agents and offer the customized services to them. The on screen guide with the screen sharing assistance can help in providing emergency services to your target customers.

Knowledge: Your knowledge base can easily be tested if Salesforce can provide quick answers to the issues faced by the customers. The customers can also enhance their knowledge with the help of the Salesforce. Your customers should get the solutions in the ways they want it from the platform itself.

Mobile: With the mobile technology, the Salesforce cloud system can be managed with the service analytics system. It can also be considered as the fast method of communicating with the sales agents and the customers.

Live Agents: The customers can get personalized solutions with the live chat. Your agents can become more productive and smarter with the help of the live chat software.

Communities: There are various communities that can provide customer support through the Salesforce. Irrespective of the location and the types of devices of the customers, the communities can be used as tools for the troubleshooting purposes. Therefore, Salesforce can deliver the solutions to the customers as and when required. The customers can expect the service accessibility 24/7 and can participate in the knowledgeable communities. The customers can also troubleshoot the problems on their own by seeking the customer support. The main advantage of using this platform is that you can use it anywhere you want, as it is completely cloud based.

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