Reasoning is a team that is been working since 12 years in the digital commerce and is a digital commerce expert partner. Nitin Padmawar, CTO, Reasoning Global eApplications talked at the TechSparks event. A brief of what was talked –

nitin padmawar techsparks reasoning

Story of entrepreneurs –

  • Started in 1998 – Which focused on local/ethnic products based on the emotional value of products for Indian consumers.
  • Strategy to capture off-shore markets through NRIs.
  • Now they have 100,000 users in US and UK
  • Then started Technobahn infoTech, out of college in 1998. Focus was to develop e-learning profucts for technical education. Done all the interview SMEs, typing content, etc.
  • Launched the first product, got order of 300 licenses and moved to other campus to make things larger
  • Got an order and contract from Board of Tech Education and invested the money to make a bigger team
  • Project contracts went wrong, and money went in vain
  • The web application business thrived in 2004. Worked on a lot of portals

Martjack is a portal of the e-commerce platform, and here is the journey of it till now –

  • MartJack, 2008 – Capture leads, drive visitors to local stores
  • MartJack, 2009 – Get retailers do e-Commerce, easy to use tools for backend
  • MartJack, 2010 – Build ecosystem of partners, Multi-channel initiatives
  • MartJack, 2011 – Focus on growth and partnerships through a program called eXchange.

Over 700 brands and 3000 SMBs use the platform for their digital commerce. There are around 30000+ transactions every month. 1038121 visitors per month reach these online pages every month.

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