Typing out the text or words on the keyboard or keypad of a mobile communication device produces SMS (Short Message Service) and is also popularly called “text messaging”. It is a widely used means of communication all over the world since it is much more convenient without worrying about the reception. The most common tool used today is the mobile phone which others may refer to as a cellular phone which needs to have an SMS feature unlike those bulky cellular phones from the late 90’s.

Calling on the other hand is the exchange of voice/data transmission carried out by two or more parties by the use of a telephone, mobile/cellular phone, satellite phone or the combination thereof. In this modern time newly developed application, software’s and programs allow people to call using their own computers and even share a live video feed i.e. Skype, Yahoo messenger, etc.

The issue of which is better between these two to is still unanswered. In this article, the factors will be pointed out to make it easier to determine the winner:

  1. Length of the message

If it’s something lengthy where a lot of significant details should be included within the message, then calling is definitely the answer. However, if it’s just a ping-pong of questions specifically when trying to get information about each other or just a quick “hi!” or “hello!” then typing is the quickest and most convenient method to convey the message. This method gives you more time to think about your answer and next question and that without a doubt is a benefit.

  1. Consider time

Is it evening? Or perhaps morning? Then it’s not a good time to make a phone call as you might wake everybody up in the household. This makes text messaging the perfect way to deliver a message especially if the sender is not sure whether the other person is busy or sleeping at the moment at the same time which you might not know you are also showing courtesy.

  1. Activity

If driving and pulling over is not an option for the next hour then obviously calling is the best bet however it’s still not recommended for safety reasons. Calling requires you to step out of what you are doing. Texting on the other hand is favorable in any situation except while driving of course. An example would be at work where you can discreetly type your message away without raising ruckus.

  1. Is it for official business, is it casual?

Conversations on a professional level should be held through calls however if it’s just between friends then typing is advisable since friends spend all the time talking and chatting about random things anyway so why not change the pace? It’s beneficial to the health as well since the exposure to radiation produced when using a mobile phone is reduced

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