If speed is your thing, Chrome is your cell phone browser. With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google at last substituted the stock Android browser with its very own Chrome for Android (free). Chrome initially hit Google Play as a beta app, however now the complete release brings an even slicker user interface, quicker performance both in real life and in benchmarks, and mobile-only attributes like scrolling navigation and voice search.

If you are a PC Chrome user, you are most likely by now aware of Chrome’s other flagship attributes, for instance auto filling, Incognito browsing, and the integrated search/address bar (called omnibox). That is all in cell phone Chrome as well.

How Chrome Makes Searching quicker

To capitalize on Chrome’s intelligent, swift searching, sign into your Google account after you browse. Chrome syncs pretty much each keystroke you key into Chrome on a PC or another mobile gadget, provided that you have signed into your Chrome account. For example, even though you leave Chrome on one gadget you can open Chrome on another and notice your last synced bookmarks, tabs, and browsing history. Nevertheless, this is a one-way street only—PC to cell phone.

Chrome-for-Android-Beta-Start Chrome-for-Android-Beta-Sign-In

Syncing as well makes auto complete with Chrome for Android more efficient as well, because the search engine develops with use. You can dynamically advance your auto complete proposals. For each suggestion, you can hit an up arrow close to it, to increase the suggestion. The next time auto complete is turned on, that bumped hint will come up first.


Chrome currently accepts voice input, as well. Just tap the mic sign close to the omnibox and speak slowly, clearly, and if possible in a silent place. In other browsers, for instance Dolphin HD’s Sonor, the voice input is part of the keyboard, which implies a two-tap process to make use of it, against Chrome’s one-strike process.

Power Tabbing


Many browsers do the tab thing, however Chrome does it finest. A single strike on the tab symbol close to your omnibox opens up a fresh tab. You can open an apparently never-ending number of tabs and swipe the left or right borders to progress from one to the next. A more efficient way is to basically roll through the tab given names themselves, which beats navigating on a PC. If you have lost track of what tabs you have opened, just open a fresh one to show a thumbnail view of opened tabs.

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