BlackBerry Limited, an international leader in mobile communications, declared BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.2.1, a novel software update for BlackBerry 10 Smartphone’s that allows you accomplish more, more effortlessly, and assists you be more creative and stay better connected.

BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 incorporates hundreds of new improvements and modifications that will make the things you carry out daily quicker and easier:

Tailor Pinch Gesture to Filter BlackBerry® Hub

BlackBerry Hub allows you access all your notifications and messages in one place. A new feature allows you to directly sort out the message list in the Hub. You can tailor the Hub to show just Flagged Messages, Unread Messages, Meeting Invites, Draft Messages, Sent Messages or Level 1 Alerts. Once the sort out criterion is set, you can basically trigger it with a pinch gesture on the Hub’s message list.

Easy Phone Experience

The phone comprises an innovative incoming call screen that allows you swipe to the left to answer or swipe right to disregard a call. New instinctive icons permit you to immediately silence the call, or send a Reply Now reply through BBM™, email or SMS that you cannot answer the phone immediately. You can select from a list of standard automatic responses or reply with a tailored note.

Email and SMS Groups

You can nowadays create email and SMS groups for more well-organized broadcast communications.


Actionable Lock Screen Notifications

You can at the moment “Tap to open” a message that shows on the lock screen, allowing you to reply a vital message much faster or to check messages more tactfully.

Image Password for fast Unlocking

You can swiftly unlock your cell phone using a combination of an image and a number (0-9) of your picking, which you place at a certain point on the picture. When you attempt to unlock the cell phone, the image will appear together with a grid of arbitrary numbers. To unlock, just drag the grid hence the number you picked covers the particular point on the picture.

Offline Browser Reading Mode

You can at the moment save the present web page you are on for later viewing, even though you are offline or with no Internet connection.

Ideal Contact Sync

You can at the moment select the sync source for your Contacts guaranteeing you at all times encompass the most current contact details. While including a new contact you can assign which sources you would like the contact info to sync with, for instance the corporate address book, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Gadget and Battery Monitor

A new and enhanced gadget monitor presents you with important information on battery usage, the impact of installed apps on memory usage and storage and battery life, in addition to CPU stats.


FM Radio

If you boast a BlackBerry® Z30, BlackBerry® Q5 or BlackBerry® Q10 Smartphone, the latest software update disengages the integrated FM radio in those phones. You can listen to local FM stations, which does not need any network link.

Depending on carrier authorizations, BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 will be accessible to clients around the globe, rolling out beginning in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific, and will be accessible for the whole line of Smartphone’s using BlackBerry 10.

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