Once it comes to weather apps for BlackBerry 10 there is a pretty huge range to pick from. One has to be honest and state that there are a few which are not so fine; however there are as well a few real beauties.

There are evidently free native weather apps from BlackBerry pre-loaded onto your BB10 gadgets and for a lot of folk this will offer you the crucial information you require. However, as always, it is great to have options and below is a mix of both free and paid apps, plus a few with a twist. Additionally, they are all accessible for each BlackBerry 10 gadget.

BlackBerry Weather

BB Weather

As stated above – BlackBerry Weather will be on your gadget by default – or it ought to be in any case. Powered by AccuWeather the app offers you immediate access to the present weather situations with the capability to swipe to the left for the next day’s forecast and you can accomplish this up to four times – offering you a five day forecast counting the day you are on.

At the bottom of the display are two key tabs. The one with the present conditions sign is what has just been described, however if you jump into the other tab you will get the conditions hour by hour – useful if planning a tour out.



As well free to download is AccuWeather’s personal app which offers a bit more detail than the indigenous BlackBerry one. You can observe this right from when you load the app – with UV index, wind speed, humidity etc all visible, together with the present conditions.

Striking the menu label at the bottom left of the screen will bring up a record of other attributes – for instance daily, hourly, maps, lifestyle, news and video. The lifestyle one is mainly useful if you suffer from allergies for instance asthma or hay fever since it will forecast which activities might influence you.

With daily and hourly forecast tabs at the bottom of the screen and as well the capability to include more locations it again makes for a grand all round free weather app for BlackBerry 10.

BeWeather Pro


If you would like the Daddy of all BlackBerry 10 weather apps in that case BeWeather Pro has to be it. In addition to being feature loaded in respect of a few of the other apps its UI is attractive all round – even down to its Active structure.

It will cost you three bucks, however if what is happening with the weather is really vital to you in that case it will be money well worth spent. There is a free edition of the app as well, however evidently you get more once you give up your money.

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