Viruses, hackers, spyware, phishing sites – the web is a treacherous place, and each PC holder requires effective, dependable antivirus software to keep them protected. However this can be costly, particularly since you will pay yet again to update the package, each and every year.

Luckily there is a lot of free antivirus software, many of which are just as able as their saleable cousins.


It is not a must for you to spend a long time using avast free antivirus to know its credibility, the first encounter will make you conquer with its performance results. It is among the most popular windows 7 security softwares hence user friendly and readily available in your nearest distributor. Users mention of its quick scanning and identification of you PC potential threats while maintaining minimal impacts on its performance. AV-test results found the program to be perfect and all rounded which gave it a chance as one of the AV- competitive products of the year 2012. Avast comes along with some useful extras like a software updater to remind you consider updates you luck hence worth installing.


Panda Cloud Antiviras

Besides being small and simple, this windows 7 antivirus is a big shot since it provides real-time protection and can easily work with other security tools without problems. Unlike most other options, it is a free version of the commercial products in the market hence the reason it has few missing features. Its pro edition protects your PC from any viral exposure like infected wifi networks, malware USB infections among others. The latest reports show its unique performance in core virus protection that ranks it top most hence earned a certification in the AV-Testing.


ZoneAlam free antivirus

It is an antivirus database that come in two shades; free or the commercial version and is parked with features worth installing in your PC. It’s an option that calls for daily updates (but for the commercial can be hourly) which will make you quite updated with the emerging threats. With a cable, the program will provide you with plenty of functionalities; an easy to use firewall, AV certified anti-virus engine and extensive browsing protection. The company has tried much to make it simpler and with just opening a preferences dialogue, there are many features of which some you will never use hence taking it would be a wise move.


Avira free Antivirus

It is a strong antivirus engine highly marked by the independent labs for its admirable files detection potentials, when installed in your PC leads to constant monitoring and elimination of threats present. When you choose installing the Avira tool bar, it comes with a park of web tools; an antiphishing tool, social networking protection tool and ad blocker for easy management even while online. However, the interface may seem a little complex for new users and is followed by instant changes on your PC like replacing your default search engine with an Avira page hence records more impacts than other tools available.


Bitdefender Antivirus

It’s an ultra-compact program and aside being approved best by the independent testing labs, it is one of the best choices for your personal computer protection. The free version is appealing indeed and has an exemplary performance on matters touching on downloading speed, installation and virus elimination. Before it proceeds the cleaning, it demands the removal of incompatible files first then the basic interface resumes the scanning demands, a real-time antivirus and antiphishing checking. Most of its functions are manual; absence of settings, scheduling and scan types hence making it hard in case you wanted to fine tune your security. It’s found out to be an excellent option for you who treasure simplicity.


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