It’s quite easy to switch to Asda Mobile on EE to enjoy the existing park of benefits while still having your numbers intact. What you only need to make sure you have is; an Asda Mobile SIM Card with a rundown credit before you insert and a unique officer code that you will get after sending the word GET to 61111 hence you are good to go. Replace the previous Asda Mobile SIM Card with the new and the ‘Asda Mobile’ image will appear on your handset screen after switching on. Precede with texting VOUCHER#UniqueOfferCode and when correct send to 2732.

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Once the text has been sent, the transfer of your mobile numbers will automatically commence and the process will take about 2 to 5 working days. You don’t need to worry and contact the center; a message will instantly reach you when the process is nearing completion. More still, your free bonus; the 100 minutes, 100MB for 30 days and 2,000 text messages will be immediately applied to the new Asda SIM Card.

When you are trying to access the internet or sending multimedia messages via the new Asda mobile network, have the APN guide. It will help you connect your smart phone to the right network setting and be assured of easy browsing, retrieval of emails or sending of MMS to your publics. At times, it can still prove to be tricky; it can’t get on the internet and is more contributed to by the differences in phones basic setup. In technical understandings, the failure is due to some parameters of the handset that does not much with the information Asda supply on their website.

It is important to know that Asda does not support or supply the San Francisco which means, there is no automatic means of solving the problem. What comes to your mind at this point? It is not the end of the road since the available alternative is doing it manually. The guide below will greatly help since it shows how to set up ASDA Mobile handset to enable you connect your phone to the internet and the clear steps are a walk in the park.

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Asda Mobile GPRS Settings or Wap

In case you are having a problem with the wap;


APN Name:    ASDA Mobile

APN Adress:

Gateway IP address:

Username:       wap

Password:        wap

Session Type: GPRS

Authentication: Nomal

Security           :           Off

Port Number:  8799 WAP2.0, 9201 WAP1x


This will see you through but in case of ASDA Mobile GPRS Settings or Web;


APN Name:    ASDA Mobile

APN Adress:

Gateway IP Address:             N/A

Username:       web

Password:        web

Session Type:  GPRS

Authentication:  Normal

SSecurity:        Off

Port Number:  N/A

This is enough to get you enjoying the goodies allaying with the perfect Asda mobile connection; fast connectivity levels, free massaging among others but in case of further problems, you are free to revisit the procedure or call the main centre.

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