The good thing concerning Android is that it synchronizes most vital information in your Android gadgets to your Google account. For instance, your contacts, photos, Google Keep notes, calendar and even app information are synced. Therefore, if you make a decision to change to a newer android gadget, you can just include your Google account and after that android will synchronize the things in your older gadget to the new one. It is an excellent attribute however at times it can be a headache especially if you had many apps installed in your older gadget. The moment you include your Google account to your novel android gadget, Google play store will start installing all the apps installed in your older gadget.   You might not desire all of those apps in your latest android hence follow these steps to prevent old apps from automatically installing on your latest android gadget:

  • If the apps are by now installed uninstall after that open your Apps drawer and after that long-press any unwanted app >> press ‘App info‘>> then choose “Uninstall”. Go on for other apps. Alternatively, you can just uninstall apps from Settings> Apps >> Select “All” tab >> Select App from the list and after that “Uninstall”.
  • Once all the ineffective apps from your old android gadget are uninstalled, the next step is to get rid of them from your Google account. Open the Google Play app.
  • Android Play store

    Android Play store

  • Tick on the top right Google Play sign or slide from left corner to right to bring up the user list of options.
  • Choose “My Apps” >> Open “All” tab
  • Android App details

    Android App details

  • From the listing of all apps, long press an app that you would like to take out from Google account and after that tap other unwanted apps to choose them.
  • Android prevent Old Apps from Automatically Installing

    Android prevent Old Apps from Automatically Installing

  • Press the ‘X’ on the top right corner and a notification will come up “Remove the selected apps from my apps?”
  • Select “OK” and take out all chosen apps from your account.

There you have it.  Your earlier apps will no longer return to trouble you.

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